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on supporting the needs of gifted learners

I’m the kind of guy who spent a lot of fifth grade secretly reading books in class instead of paying attention to the teacher. I earned good grades, took a few AP classes, and got a full-ride academic scholarship to college. I graduated something-cum laude (I can’t remember anymore whether it was summa cum laude or just plain old cum laude). As far as I know, I was never labeled “gifted,” but I was certainly a Smarty McSmarterson.… Read more

President Obama (finally) stands up for gay marriage

Ok, so this happened.


Obama’s televised statement came after two members of his administration voiced support for gay marriage. Vice President Joe Biden went first, on Sunday:


And on Monday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan followed up by tossing his support behind the cause:

The administration’s position statements on gay marriage sandwiched a primary election day that resulted in  what the New York Times called “a trifecta of intolerance“:

Tuesday was pretty great for the forces of

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don’t ask me to withhold judgment of dharun ravi: a response to danah boyd & john palfrey

danah boyd and John Palfrey would like us to stop bullying Dharun Ravi.

Dharun Ravi, you may remember, is the young man whose Rutgers University dorm-mate, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide days after Ravi apparently used his computer to record, watch, and tweet about Clementi’s sexual encounters with another man. Here are the details as boyd and Palfrey explain them:

What seems apparent is that Clementi asked Ravi to have his dormroom to himself on two occasions – September

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Fred Meijer dies. Relatedly, Meijer was my first employer.

I just read that Frederik Meijer, the chair of the Meijer retail chain that stretches across a cluster of five Midwestern states, has died at age 91.

When I was 16, I got a job working as a bagger at my local Meijer store. I moved to cashiering at 18 and stuck with Meijer into my early twenties. A big piece of my current work ethic is a product of those Meijer years. Here’s what I learned:

1. Capitalism disproportionately Read more

neutral as in ‘Grandpa’s arsenal,’ not as in ‘Switzerland’

Image by Joe Salmon, taken from http://www.uiiu.co.nz/neutral.html, sort of without permission so I hope he's ok with it.

I’m a fist-shaking, bleeding-heart, critical pedagogy, politiciany sort of guy. I believe that it’s useless and even potentially damaging to treat learning as apolitical, and I believe that learning theorists of all political bents do themselves a disservice and learners an injustice when they assert an ideologically neutral stance. Because there is no such thing as an ideologically neutral stance.

  • We may
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book review: Kenneth King’s Germs Gone Wild

summary: and you thought you saw journalists, scientists, and the government as dissemblers and obfuscators before….

At any given point in my life, I have a small handful of friends and acquaintances who view me as an angry, bitter human being who holds her rage inside like it’s a cold and heavy stone. My pal Rafi tells me I should let go of my anger because it’s weighing me down and wearing me out.

But although I’m angry at … Read more

principles for ethical educational research

I’ve been thinking lately about the burden of speaking for others.

Because I’m an educational researcher, and speaking for others is the heart of what we do. We walk into a classroom, watch some things happen for a little while, then make decisions about which stories are worth telling, and how, and why, and to whom. And this is precisely what we’re supposed to do. This is precisely why we head into the classroom in the first place: to tell … Read more