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“be cool, you guys” revisited: on identity theft and ignorant behavior

Last updated: Tuesday, Sept. 7, 10:05 a.m.: The author of the blog described below has acknowledged that the comments posted using my sister’s online identity were not, in fact, posted by the “real” Laura, and she has removed them from her blog. Obviously, I believe this was the right decision and I’m glad and relieved that the comments have been deleted.

My sister learned today that someone has been using her information to troll other websites. This person has been … Read more

on openness in academia: why I’ll be posting my coursework online

cross-posted at the HASTAC blog.

Academics don’t really like to share.

There are lots of reasons for this, and many of the reasons are built right into the foundations of the ivory tower. We can’t forget that the success of the modern university depends on a scarcity principle: There is important knowledge available inside of those gates, and not everybody can access it, and the knowledge is therefore worth paying for. The more exclusive universities presumably offer more exclusive … Read more

desperately seeking female academics to stalk

Recently, while revisiting and updating my blogroll for the move to this url, I decided to add a category I called “academics I sort of stalk.” I imagined this as the place where I would make public, and publicly follow, the thinkers whose work matters most to my scholarship.*

Problem: my “academics I sort of stalk” category is disproportionately loaded up with men.

I work in the field of Digital Media and Learning, and I’m interested in the work of … Read more

top 11 sleeping alone and starting out early posts

My previous blog, sleeping alone and starting out early, is dead. I did port the content over to making edible playdough is hegemonic, and in so doing I had a chance to file through the more than 200 posts I tossed up on the internet. Some of them were pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Because they’re likely to be pretty much buried for good now that my world has moved on, I wanted to … Read more

why I’m over here now

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on a self-indulgent post about why I left Blogger and came to WordPress, why I decided to pay for web hosting, and what I’ve learned about blogging, web design, web hosting services, and slowly and deliberately building a digital footprint. Because you don’t care about that stuff! And if I were you, I wouldn’t care about it either. (Unless, like me, you spent months wringing your hands over how to transition … Read more

omg I just talked to Howard Rheingold

You can keep your Robert Pattinsons and Miley Cyruses and whichever other beautiful prepubescent sexy people you young people idolize these days. My idols are people like these folks:

That guy in the lower lefthand corner is Howard Rheingold, who is by just about all accounts one of the kindest, happiest, most curious, most fascinating, most colorful, and most thought-provoking media theorists around. (If you want proof, take a look at this little gem of his writing.)

Because Howard … Read more

thoughts on creative writing, MFA programs, and the social beat

I recently participated in a local event called Ignite Bloomington, where my co-presenter, Christian Briggs, and I performed a poem we called “the social beat.”

The design of the background images, the development of the poem, and the planning of the performance were all completed collaboratively; this was by far the most collaborative creative project I’ve ever been involved in. I say that as a graduate of an MFA program who spent three years doing almost nothing but creative … Read more

One year and 235 posts later…

Today is the one-year anniversary of the establishment of this blog. I count my decision to start this blog, and after that decision the decisions to cultivate it, populate it, and spread the word about it as the most significant aspect of my developing identify as an academic.

And I don’t mean “academic” in the stuffy, yes-quite kind of way, either. I mean that the decision to start this blog–a decision that came suddenly, without much by way of any … Read more