6 thoughts on “notes on the MCCSC public hearing on proposed budget cuts

  1. Kevin Makice

    Awesome compilation, Jenna.I wanted to point everyone to the Facebook group in support of Honey Creek, where my mom-in-law is the school marm. I'm floored at the grass-roots support and testimonials for that group:Save Honey Creek School

  2. Sherri

    Thanks Jenna you seem to have a good grip on what's going on. I appreciate the notes you took. My kids graduated in '08 & 09 but I have nieces and nephews following behind them at Mccsc. I want the best we can give them. I realize cuts have to be made. But things need to slow down a bit. The board still has time before the teacher contrat's come up in April.

  3. Chuck

    Well done, Jenna. VERY thorough. Thanks on behalf of ALL stakeholders. Hope this is in the hands of the board.cch

  4. dobts

    The more I look the less it looks real. Isn't it some stupid political move, or other kind of buzz-emerging attempt? From what is available librarians may not consider their jobs in jeopardy. I think so.

  5. Gentleman Agitator

    Thanks for your report Jenna. I am a member of the local Bloomington Central Lions Club. We have seen the fruits of the Aurora school first hand at our annual student achievement banquet. I only found out yesterday what was up and am appalled. I was stopped by two Aurora students on Kirkwood to sign a petition. I did not have time to tell them not to do it in pencil and to get names and addresses so the powers that be know we are Bloomington residents.If there is something more to do past this evening to save Aurora, I look forward to hearing about it. Finally. Is it not ironic that none of the cuts come to extra-curricular sports in the district? No, they won't touch their precious football and basketball programs, but we will cut strings and a school that is the last chance for many. Yeah. Typical.

  6. WhoeverIWantToBe

    Why aren't the sports programs mentioned. Why is all of this academic!!! I am still so mad about all of the MCCSC stuff. Even though my kids and many of my close friend don't attend MCCSC public schools (they attend Harmony School) some are choosing to attend when they reach middle and high school. I attended until 6th grade. I loved Bradford Woods and Honey Creek School. I loved the media centers and reading. I loved that MCCSC had alternative choices for their trouble youths in non traditional settings. I have shown my support by volunteering to work at the media center for free a day or two a week. Maybe if a team of us can do this we can save that aspect. Maybe we can do that for strings and foreign languages too. I don't know but we must provide the kids with an education if the public schools and government won't. There are many things Harmony School can't supply and I have gotten these on my own such as music lessons, art lessons, and extra curricular sports which are paid for out of pocket. Looks like public school goers will be going that route as well.Question: if sports are such a big money maker that that schools are afraid to make changes to the programs then I want to see the money's use in the school board meetings and I want to see that it is shared equally in all areas! Otherwise sports should be privatized just like paying for your own way in spell bowl band etc. Other countries DO NOT put such stock in extra curricular non academic activities! Why were sports the only area not addressed? (Coaches are the only area addressed)Why reduce other extra curricular school activities that actually use the brain?Why decrease actual academic programs like foreign language and music programs?Constantly people are complaining about the lack of education in the public school system. Here we are decreasing academic programing… To what purpose?

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